Is using sublime text akin to cheating?

I am currently learning the ropes for front end development and sublime text has been my savior most of the time. I don’t remember the full syntax of anchor tags or style tags and usually get away by pressing a+tab or style+tab or select the suggestions when writing css. In most cases I remember which tag to use where but I don’t remember the exact syntax which is where sublime text helps me out. Besides , typing the whole html boilerplate is cumbersome every time I create a new file .

I am wondering if on an interview test I won’t be given an editor of my choice then my weakness will be exposed. However on real world day to day use I would prefer sublime text .

My point is from a learner’s perspective is it necessary to remember the syntax or using auto correct /suggestion fair?

What if on an interview you will be given a piece of paper?))

In my opinion, such editor features are nice, but you should learn syntax and be able to use it without hints. I had kinda similar experience with C# - Visual Studio was so good at hints that one day I understood I don’t know most of methods names and need to browse hints for them. I knew those methods exist and I knew what they do, but couldn’t write their names. I could hardly remember how to print a string to the console - and that’s not cool at all!

It seems to me that between this:

and that:

there’s time to get used to certain things.

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I don’t think there is any need to memorize stuff while programming. All of the common syntax you’re going to use so often that you will learn it anyway. What matters is knowing how the code works - and knowing how it works will make the syntax easier to remember anyway.

I’ve used Sublime Text, Atom and Visual Studio Code. I really like using Visual Studio. It has a lot of hints or other helpers. However, I hate to fire up a full IDE to make some edits. So, I use a combination of Notepad++, Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code. Have been thinking about using Brackets.