Is web dev hard?


I’m starting to get bored at school because i dont think its meaningful to learn stuff i will never need. I have always thought that web dev is amazing and im learning it through FCC curriculum. My question is: is it hard to get a job (self-taught) and is it hard to learn web dev, can anyone learn it?

no, it’s not so hard you think. In my opinion, this is the most interesting thing to learn. You should consistent with this, and after some time you probably enjoy it. And finding a job as a web developer is not a big deal. best of luck, and happy coding.

web developmnet, and software development in general in an hard subject, but anyone can learn it with enough time and grith.

You can take a look at this forum (#career), the freecodecamp podcast, and for a lot of stories of self taught developers finding a job

It’s not easy, but you can do it


Do you think I can manage to learn web dev and find a job without a cs degree?

without a degree in Computer Science, yes, as I said above, there are many success stories you can take inspiration from. If you decide for programming, some Computer Science is a thing you will need to learn eventually - freeCodeCamp succest CS50: Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard

Yes you can and just believe to your self, actually you can make me as your example . I really appreciated the basic learnings from my school before. I know some of knowledge isn’t still enough foundation to do better things during the development. I believed that time no one accept to whom without degree and experience yet before, here in the Philippines. Now I’m thankful that I got a job from a startup company a few weeks after of my internship . But I still keep learning continuously as a junior web developer.

Is it hard? Yes.
Can you get a job in web development without a CS degree? Yes.
Is it significantly harder to get a programming job without a CS degree? Yes.


Hey @Jared046!

Sure. But this is a better question.

Can anyone learn it well?
The answer to that is yes, if they are willing to put the work in.

Don’t just aim to get a job. Really aim to build a successful career as an awesome web developer.

The way I approach life is to go all in, work hard and study hard. Be willing to do more than most people and you will be successful in life.

Good luck!

Happy coding!

Put it this way. A friend of mine put up a minimum wage internship and got 195 entries in less than a week.

Just curious, what level of education are you currently at and what is the “stuff” you are referring to? Knowing this might help people answer your question a little better.


That is a great question!

I had assumed high school because I felt the same way when I was in high school. :laughing:

If it were college, and they hate their major they could always just change it. Maybe change it to a CS degree. Or at least take some CS classes.

That’s an important question.

If you “get bored” in school stuff, you should learn to get better at doing boring stuff, because every job has boring parts.

Learning software development because other stuff is boring is probably not a great idea. Software development has some other big hurdles.

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