Is your codepen account safe from other developers taking credits of your code?

Guys is it just me or do you also find out someone is taking credits of your codepen projects? like in my case i completed the technical documentation page a month ago. After finishing the react projects i decided to go back and edit it only to find out the JS section now being set to babel and a react project name and localstorage added. Is it done by the FCC team after completing the project?

Free Code Camp isn’t going to change your project. I believe that there is a way to view the history of your project in, CodePen. If that allows you to see the email address of the person who edited your pen, you can email and suggest that they look at this person’s account for academic dishonesty. When FCC learns of academic dishonesty, the cheating user’s account is deleted.

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Thanks, ok so how do i view the history of my project?

I don’t know. I’ve just heard it mentioned. You’ll have to poke around and see if you can find something.