ISO HTML/CSS Production Gigs

Hey everyone. I’m wondering if there is such a thing as short term gigs where one just troubleshoots and fixes html and css (i.e. html/css production gigs). I’m not looking for a full time job, nor part time. I need it to be on a freelance basis because I really need the flexibility. Preferably with smaller companies. Not large corporations. Does such a thing exist? Or am I just dreaming?

I’m sure there are plenty of freelance gigs that is just that, fixing stuff. Another title for such work might be a consultant.

How viable it is I can’t tell you and I’m guessing it also depends on the market you are working in and the competition.

There is for sure, but I doubt there are that many for just html/css. If you had a more rounded front end or better full stack, there would be more available

That or PHP/WordPress which seems like a domain where a lot of users need help.

It is however also a highly contested and very difficult domain to compete in. You will be fighting for jobs against people from countries that may have much lower minimum wages (depending on where you live).

So unless you are truly an expert in the domain and can offer something others can’t for “higher standard” sites you will likely have a hard time.

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