Issue about Publishing

Hi ,

I am a newbie in this platform so if I miss something, I am sorry.

I am in the position of Contributor now and I have written article but I don’t know how to send to the editorial team or publish. In ghost part , there is no such a button or link when you finish your article.

you need to send an email to the editorial team like explained in the Style Guide

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I sent it but I didn’t get response. How many days does the review take?

When did you send it?
It usually takes a day.

If you sent it over the holiday weekend then the editor would have been on vacation.

But if you just sent it right now, then you have to give it time :grinning:

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I sent it 10th October, which was in Sunday. Probably they haven’t seen yet.

Thank you so much for returns

Abbey(the editor) will probably get back to it today. fCC publishes on average 25-30 articles a week. That’s a lot of editing :grinning:

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