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Im having issue trying to add a photo. I have both html and image I am trying to us saved to the desktop but still get a broken image symbol. I’m entering the image in as <img src"image.zhu" alt=""> my image is saved under the name image.zhu on my desktop. Please help

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<!DOCTYPE html>
	H1 { 
		font-family: monospace;
		color: yellow;}
	body {background-color: black;
		font-family: serif;
		color: green;}

		<title> Joesph Hinojosa's code</title>


		<div id=header>
		<h1> Hello World </h1>	
		<p> This is my first webpage. <br> Hope you like it.<br>  <a href=""> Here is a link to todays sports scores.</a> </p> 
		<p> Still have a long way to go till I know what I am doing!<br> Here is a list of favorite hobbies
	<ol> <li>Playing Video Games</li>
		<li>Jogging</li> </ol>
<img src="zhu.jpg" alt="favorite dj">	 </p>

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It seems like you have formatted your post incorrectly, making it hard to read. Could you double check that you’ve opened and closed your code sections properly in your mark up ? For some reason it’s rendering the image, instead of showing the code for it. I’d inspect it but I’m on my phone.

When you set the src property of your image, you should provide the whole path:

This is what you could do:
<img src="C:\Users\user\Documents\Image\zhu.jpg" alt="favorite dj">

Obviously, you will need to find the full path to your image, and not use the above. However, even if you add the full path, it may not work, because your browser might not allow an image to be sourced from your personal hard-drive.

So, your best case scenario, is to upload the image to wherever your website is hosted, then source the image from the website file path.

Thank You, this helped, the issue was my image not being saved correctly in my file folder correctly.