Issue getting files for Build a portfolio site with react

I figured I would try to work on my react skills. I loaded up: How to Build a Portfolio Website with React but the link to the project files redirects to a course sign up page. Am I just out of luck? Anyone have a mirror to these files so I am not figuring it out from scratch.

I’m not sure what you mean by “getting files”.

First you have to decide where you want to do this? Codepen? Possible but it gets a little messy as apps get bigger, but it can work for something like this. Some other online IDE, especially one that lets you create “files” - that is a little closer to “the real world”? You can also build it locally (maybe using create-react-app to get started) - that works well and is “the real world” but you’ll have to work a little to host it and share the code (but it isn’t that bad).

So, how do you want to do this?

There is a link in the tutorial that says click here to download the starting files for this project. That link redirects to a course rather than the files. I was planning on using that and vs code to code it up. I am pretty familiar with code since I do it as my day job, but I don’t have much experience with react.js.

Yeah, the code is behind a paywall. The guy gives you a free taste and then wants you to pay. If you want to code a long, then you will need his files, I presume.

There are plenty of tutorials that don’t require you to pay. I used a lot of Brad Traversy’s stuff on YT that I liked (he has pay stuff too, but has some good stand alone stuff on YT).

I would look for a different tutorial. I tended to prefer things that used as few other libraries as possible, so I could focus on React. Of course, FCC also has some free materials and presumably some videos too.

Makes sense. I’ll find another tutorial to work on. Thanks for the heads up.

There are a lot of them, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I learned react before FCC had it’s curriculum for it so I had to hit up a lot of videos. I liked to do different ones from different people to get different perspectives. Some I couldn’t complete because the instructions were broken or they assumed knowledge that I didn’t have. So I just moved on to the next one.

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