Issue in my Tribute Page Help

Hi everyone, for those of you with any spare time could you please take a look my Tribure Page. Any help is appreciated. I have 10/10 compleated tasks but something happened at the end. As soon as I did the last task an issue came over.
A big gap has appeared between <h1> and <h3> .
I’ve checked the code so many times.
I stuck, please help.
Thanks a lot.

in your css, line 98 you have:
margin: 100px 0 30px 0;
This causes 100px gap at the top. I believe you wanted to use it only on h3 at the bottom. You can add a class to the bottom one, or change it to h4 (and change css accordingly)

Another option is to scope the selector.

#tribute-info > h3 {
  margin: 100px 0 30px 0;
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Ohh I don’t even remember that I’ve written two times h3 , I tried to edit the first one so many times … poor me :laughing: . Thank you so much for your help.