Issue related to academic dishonesty

What will happen if I use other brand logos(for example CocaCola 's brand logo) in my product landing page project. Am I going to be flagged for academic dishonesty ?


@krishnakantnaik04 Don’t be too curious about the academic dishonesty!
The academic honesty policy in freecodecamp is for codes. Not those logos or texts.

Let me give you example:
Like in Tribute page, most of the campers copied from wikipedia!
And in Technical Doc most of the texts and examples are from the official language’s docs.

Here take a look to the screenshot of the academic honesty policy from freecodecamp:


Welcome there,

As freeCodeCamp is an educational institute of sorts, anything you submit as your own work which is not counts as academic dishonesty.

freeCodeCamp has no issue with you, as a student, developing your project around a company/product like CocaCola. However, depending on how you use the product trademarks, and whether you attribute the owner/author of the brand, the owner/author might have an issue with you using it.

For most brands, you need to ask permission to use their logos. It is not Academic Dishonesty if you do not ask permission to use some entities logo, but you could have legal action taken against you, if they find out you have used their trademark.

Hope this clarifies


@Sky020 I did use the freecodecamp logo in my product landing page. Is it okay?

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Honestly, I am not too sure. Hopefully, someone else will chime in.

I will say this: freeCodeCamp have a style guide, and if the logo you used does not conform to that style guide, then it will likely be asked to be changed/removed, because it misrepresents the brand. For the most part, it is a question of representation - have you used the brand/logo to drive up your product’s sales/popularity, or have you just used it because you were talking about freeCodeCamp…


From a layperson’s perspective, the brand owners may take legal action against you if your page is publicly visible and may cause consumers to believe that your site is the official site. Take the Nike Satan Shoes as a recent example of consumer confusion: some people thought that Nike had produced them.

Remember, shops display brand logos all of the time on their sites, but they are selling the genuine products. A site selling fakes with the logos, may make the public think they are buying the real products. So, another point may be the intended purpose of the site.

If you insist on using a logo instead of a placeholder, it may be a good idea to clearly state that the site is in no way connected nor endorsed by that company.

If you are in ANY DOUBT, always contact the company. Just tell them you’re making a web page for educational purposes and see how they respond.

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I guess that would be up to @QuincyLarson to advise. All I’d say, is don’t make a web coding website/bootcamp and call it FreeCodeCamp, with the campfire logo. Interestingly, the FreeCodeCamp logo is part of the Font Awesome library:
<i class="fab fa-free-code-camp"></i>

this is freecodecamp licence

and this is for the curriculum specifically

Isn’t that licence for the codebase that is on GitHub? It does not mention the branding.

You’re fine.

A company can ask you to remove their logo, but are unlikely to notice. This wouldn’t be an academic dishonesty issue (unless you claimed to have designed the logo or something).

You can use the freeCodeCamp logo as long as you aren’t claiming to be freeCodeCamp.


@leebut Just to be 100% clear on all this, it’s fine to use the freeCodeCamp logo on a page as long as it’s clear you’re not attempting to impersonate freeCodeCamp itself.


Thank you, Quincy. :slight_smile:

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