Issue running Relational Databases locally on Apple M2

Hi everybody,

I wondered if anybody else has run into the problem of not getting the Relational Databases course to work locally on an Apple MacBook with M2 chip. I manage to clone the repo, open it in the Dev Container in VSCode and make CodeRoad start and everything - but then it just shows me the message that the “Test Runner Failed”.

Over and over. There’s not really anything I can do about it. I turned everything on and off, restarted Docker; I tried it on Debian and Fedora (both work) and on an older MacBook Air (Intel Chip), and there everything works.

Could it be that M2 Chips are just not supported somehow? Or has anybody come across this before and I just need to fidget with the settings (in VSCode, Docker, what have you)?

Any feedback is highly appreciated, thank you!

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