Issue Tracker Project Problem

I have a problem with the Issue Tracker Project and I don’t know what to do…
I believe I’ve finished successfully all the requirements and the test tells me the same but still doesn’t take the exercise for good and pass me to the next project.

Can anyone help me please??

Thanks in advanced.

Hello there,

We cannot help, without seeing your code.

Would you mind sharing a link to your project code?

Hi Sky020,
Thanks for your quick answer.

Here is the link:

(I haven’t separated the MongoDB logic from the main api.js logic but still working).

I believe I found the problem:

  1. You will create all of the functional tests in tests/2_functional-tests.js

I haven’t done that.
Please, let me know if you believe that’s the problem.

Thank youuu!!!

Yes, that is an issue.

However, a bigger issue is that it appears the boilerplate has been updated, since you started working on it. So, you may need to reclone the GitHub boilerplate, and port your code over.

The current boilerplate has 14 functional tests (which the tests look for), and your app has 11.

Let us know, if you experience any issues updating to the new boilerplate.

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