Issue tracker query dont apper

Hi there campers so this is my situation so far, I completed from 1 to 6 on the issue tracker now in part 7 * I can filter my get request by also passing along any field and value in the query(ie. /api/issues/{project}?open=false ). I can pass along as many fields/values as I want.

Im not able to see the the query inside the get method on the api.js file console.log(req.query) return a empty object = {}

Can someone explain me why?

    .get(function (req, res){


Try req.params first and how about the frontend code?

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sweet so if I req.query from the server.js file i can see them but not from the api.js file. should I filter using the query in this file? by the way thank you for answer so fast :slight_smile:

hi there thanks for your help so I found what I was doing wrong I had an error on the url I
feel so dumb right now

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Sorry for a fast reply and then no reply! I was a bit busy, but seems to me that was probably the best way for learning!

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