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Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Run Functional Tests Using a Headless Browser II test failed to pass after doing everything necessary.

It showed
“// running tests
All tests should pass.
// tests completed”
In case you want to see my project, it can be found at:
Thank you in advance.

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Challenge: Run Functional Tests Using a Headless Browser II

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Hello there,

When I run your tests I see most of them failing:

Thanks for your Swift response. The reason why many of the tests failed is that I am actually working on the second part of the tests(since this module of tests is grouped into two). I didn’t save the first group (you can verify this yourself by checking the test file). I have done the first part and they all passed the test. I am left with just the very last test in the second test file now.

Right, but even for just the Functional tests side of things, you should be passing at least 6 tests, for this challenge to pass. So, 2 are failing which should not be.

This is what the tests are seeing:

{"title":"submit \"surname\" : \"Vespucci\" - write your e2e test...",
"context":"Functional Tests with Zombie.js -> \"Famous Italian Explorers\" form",

You can see the state is 'failed'

Hope this clarifies

Again, thanks. The second module which is made up of 7tests is also confusing:
1.The platform actually made provision for only 6 tests out of seven tests.
2. I already got passes in 6 tests before. It’s because I was confused that for the 7th test to pass I must use the 6th code place available in the file that the 6th test I already passed got affected because I observe that the system would not pass any extra code beyond 6th code place provided in the file.
You would see that I commented out the extra code I wrote for the 7th or last test in the file because the system would not pass it.

My impression is that if I could manage to pass the last test it would save my time. I don’t know if I am right though.

I am not sure what you mean. I will try to be clearer:

  • The test you are failing is expecting 6 functional tests to pass
  • The app is passing only 4
  • The app is failing 2 functional tests

This is what the test output is showing on your app:

It does not look like you completed this lesson: Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Simulate Actions Using a Headless Browser | Learn |

Go over your code, and see what is missing, for the above.

I hope that is clear