Issue with Chevereto

My client needed an image sharing website so I thought of using Chevereto to do that. I have the website developed on my local server, but when I try to install the package on a PHP hosting to host the file, I am getting 503 error. I searched on their forum andfound a threat but there was no solution for this issue. Has anyone here used this package?

I own Chevereto as well. Open a ticket for yourself with the developer, he will share any docs that will be useful to resolve the issue. The ticket you referenced has died and will no longer be updated.

Hi, I create Chevereto.

As any 5XX error, HTTP 503 is not an error that you can narrow down just like that and you need to disclose the actual error that you are getting (PHP, not the web server). If you can point me the error Iā€™m sure that I can help you.

By the way, we have a Discord channel and you can reach me there any working day.

Hope you can get Chevereto running.


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Boom, there ya go! Rodolfo is the developer for Chevereto.