Issue with css inheriting

So this is a small dumb problem but it’s driving me nuts! I have used the following css to colour my headings white:

     h3 {
         color: white;
         text-align: center;

But when I load the page the text is grey. A look at the inspector shows that the text is inheriting this colour from somewhere else. But I don’t understand where–or why for that matter! Could someone have a look at my project and explain why this is happening?

Project link:


You load Bootstrap.css after you load your own CSS, so it gets overwritten.

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Thank you for your quick response, I knew it’d be something silly!

I too, asked some “silly questions” before.
Then a member pointed out to me that there is no silly questions in this world.

People who learn and think ask questions. People who are lazy don’t ask any questions.

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