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unable to create .env file as per new repl rules .whats wrong in my code file here
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Challenge: Set up Passport

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here you can read about how to have environment variables anyway

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thanx for the guide and suggestions ,however, I dont see this new feature in my repl it file. But, I am able to pass the test. That means its a technical problem from repl which will be fixed soon.

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Do you see a lock icon to the far left like shown in the screenshot?

no. i dont see it. I saw in their blog that this feature is just being rolled on to users and for those who dont see it now, it will be reaching soon.

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got this feature now. for both mongodb password as well as SESSION_SECRET do i store the values in this key? no quotes required right?

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just name on one side, and value on the other, whatever you put in there is part of the value, so yeah, no quotes

ok thanks. For mongo uri we cannot chsnge the code in connection. js file

what about mongo_uri stringvalue? can add that as key and value?One more thing. fcc has already done thr mongo code in the connection.js file. Do we still need to write mongo code in server.js file?

yes got it thanks just wondering if mongo_uri with the long string value is allowed to be stored here as well?

You can place the mongo_uri values in that secret tab as well.

That is what you have to do in this earlier lesson.

yes, done, thanks, I passed the challenge.

thanks. I passed the challenge

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