Issue With Help In Courses

I had a few issues in the python course so I checked the video option for help but some site appears and when I try to drag it away it does not work. How do I fix this?

would you be able to give more details? I am trying to replicate but I don’t have enough details for that

This is all I see… Is it something with the software or my device? I do not see any tutorials or video just a blank screen. When I double click “scrimbda” a web page comes and when I try to drag and click, nothing seems to work.

What course are you doing? I am pretty sure that the python course has videos on YouTube, not scrimba

Anyway, yes, it may be that your browser or an extension is incompatible with how the scrimba videos are loaded there

Sorry… I am doing an HTML course, the basics. I was doing python as well tho. I had an issue with it for the responsive web design section only. Thanks

Is this for a specific challenge? Can you link it?

Hi. I found out what was stopping it. Everything is fine now @ilenia . Thanks a lot for your support.

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