Issue with image URL

How can I have the URL of any image saved in my photo gallery ??? [ for HTML code
<img src=“” ]

Is this for a personal project or a project on FCC?

It’s a personal project.
Just take the example of any random image saved in your photo gallery…
How will I get the URL of it?

What photo gallery?

You can right-click the image and open it in a new tab then use the URL from the address bar. It has to be an actual image URL and not the page URL of a page that contains an image.

As an example, if I right-click your avatar and use “Open image in new tab” I get this URL.

I want the url of the picture which is already saved in my photo album
Like you clicked a picture from your camera and then saved it in your files.

Suppose I am writing a blog about my pet dog
And wants to post a picture of it
So I took a picture of my dog from my camera and then saved it in a file at my desktop
Now how will I get the url of that picture

Create a folder in the project and drop your image in the folder. When you link the picture in HTML/CSS, you’ll need to add a proper path such as “project/resources/picture.jpeg”


There is a service called Cloudinary.

This is basically where your online image storage should be.
you upload images there and you get a link to post on your page.

it really worked :+1:

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