Issue with learn-localstorage-by-building-a-todo-app - Step 9

May have encountered a bug, I’m not sure, but I cannot get this step to work. It just keeps asking me to enter the second line of the callback. I can swap the lines around but it will always think the second line isn’t there. I can add a console.log as a test between the 2 lines and after the second, both will print to console. The code also works as expected when I test the buttons. It’s just whatever statement comes second wont be detected by the tester. I can’t progress further

discardBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {


hello! @joshmackay

Can u add the link to the challenge?

Hello! @joshmackay

I think you have to surround the click with double quotes…

Happy Coding! You’ve got this! :grinning:

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Thanks heaps for that. So annoying. it’s odd that previous steps and challenges allow single quotes but it breaks on this particular step. At least I know now

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