Issue with Markdown Previewer that is built with tailwindcss

I have built Markdown Previewer project using tailwindcss and React.
But I found an issue.
When anyone using tailwindcss, all the headings from h1 to h6 are set to the same size so that the developer can style them as he want by adding classes.

I included h1, h2 and h3 in my editor but in the preview section the headings are the same size.

I have passed all the tests. But I found this issue.
Could I skip this issue or what to do?

Link to the challenge:

You can revert the styles for the headings.

h6 {
    font-size: revert;
    font-weight: revert;

With the right setup, you can also disable it using the config.

I have passed all the tests of the project.
But I need to improve my solution. I want to include colors in the inline code.
for example, the inline code for freecodecamp codepen is:

So function has a color, and anotherExample has a different color.
So how to do that?

You need to add a code highlighting library. The implementation will depend on the library used. The example project is using one such library.

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