Issue with my tribute page

Can anyone tell me why I have that random white spot on the bottom left of my page?

Can’t seem to figure…

Also please go easy on me I am completely green to coding and web design…

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi Discon,

Are you referring to the border element next to the block-quote? I believe that is part of the styling that bootstrap has built in to the block-quote element.

( I am also really new to this don’t take this as gospel lol)


because your border-left in blockquote uses the wrong color, what may help you in the future is using the inspector tool of your browser developer tools!

Roger that thanks for the input fellas!

Hi Discon, I love that you did a tribute to Chipper Jones - love him!! If I may offer one bit of advice - I’m finding the text very hard to read due to the color contrast between the background and text color. You could play around with rgb and hexadecimal values to tone down on the colors or pick some different colors to increase readability.

Hi nacla01, yeah Chipper is my favorite player of all time! He’s pretty much the reason why I switch hit all through high school and college! I took your advice and messed around with RGB and changed the background to more of a navy blue to improve readability. Thanks for the help!!