Issue with portfolio website displaying differently than in Codepen

Hi everyone. I recently published my Codepen portfolio as a real webpage through Dreamhost. I went in and made some recommended changes to my Codepen version of the portfolio, exported it, and then uploaded the new html and css file to the hosting website and deleted the old ones from the hosting site. For some reason, viewing my website on my phone, my images are stretching down really far and not keeping their original aspect ratio. Viewing it on Codepen on my phone, aspect ratios are exactly how I want them . Could you all take a look on your phones and see if this is happening to you and offer any input on why this is happening? Much appreaciated.

website is
codepen is

Solved it myself after a day of banging my head against the wall. I forgot <!DOCTYPE html>. Threw that in on the index and it fixed it. Gonna go review the lessons on things that go in the head section.

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