Issue with remote environment loading in Relational Beta

Please see screenshot below. I have encountered an issue with loading a remote environment in Relational Beta. I am encountering the same loading issue in both ‘Microsoft Edge’ and ‘Google Chrome’ after logging/signing in. I have enabled third party cookies in both loading scenarios and have tried disabling tracker prevention for the site(by clicking on the padlock) in Edge. So far nothing seems to be working.

I have researched other similar topics in the fcc forum and I am not seeing any identical topics. Is there a problem with a deleted container that needs to be refreshed? Given my options in the screenshot, how could I check if the container is displaying properly? Also, I do not see a hamburger menu option below the ‘project options’ as indicated in the screenshot. Is this an issue associated with the scheduled maintenance for the Relational Beta section?

Please offer any assistance or clarification that you think might be helpful.