Issue with website uploading

I’ve been struggling with a certain issue. I’m here to see if anyone has any quick fixes that won’t mess things up because the server helpdesk is obnoxious and the other web developer can’t be reached. The issue is this. I wish to publish a website I built (let’s name it website A). We already have a server with a third-party website (website B). Consequently, there are two files in the public HTML directory: one for website A and one for website B. WordPress is used on website B, however the developer failed to include it in file B. He placed it in the public Html instead. In the public HTML, there is a PHP file that instructs the browser to load the WordPress header when it loads. This indicates that because the PHP file is corrupt, I get an error 500 when I try to load website A. How can I resolve this issue with Website B as minimal interaction as possible? I don’t want to screw anything up at all. Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m grateful.

I am not sure I get the issue but it sounds like you need a subdomain so you can publish your website independently from the main site.

Two files or two folders in the root directory? Then the path would be site/1/ or site/2/ … Or did I misunderstand you? In general, it can be through htaccess to try to register different paths.

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