Issues with Chrome


I’m almost done designing my portfolio site and I’m testing it in browsers and on various resolutions. For the most part everything is working as it should. The only problem I’m having is that for some reason Chrome hates it (possibly all Webkit browsers, haven’t tried others). It takes ages to load and then some of my elements that are floated in a grid do not fit the page and overflow onto a new line.

None of these issues in Firefox - it all displays correctly. Any ideas? It’s HTML/CSS and some JS for animations.

Been researching on Stack Overflow and elsewhere and using devtools but can’t find the problem.


Could you provide a link to the codepen?

Well, from my understanding the majority of developers use Chrome as their primary browser as it apparently has the best dev tools. So, it follows that Chrome is probably not the problem. Have you looked at the settings? How recent is your Chrome version?