Issues with disable link & sound not working on mobile

Here goes the newbie issues once again :kissing_closed_eyes:

  1. I’m having issues when it comes to disable the click/touch on the play button ( as example )

i’m doing like the code below … but it is not working as it should.

function playTimer() {
    document.getElementById('playButton').disabled = true;
    document.getElementById('stopButton').disabled = false;
    document.getElementById('decrementRound').disabled = true;
    document.getElementById('incrementRound').disabled = true;
  1. Sounds are working as supposed on browser but not on mobile.

Thanks in advance for all the help.

I don’t think disabled attribute can be applied to elements that are not specific form-type elements like button, input, etc.

If you wrapped those inside a button tag then you could set disabled on them.

Some css would take away the border, background, etc.

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Great, once again newbie questions :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thanks, now it is working perfectly, at least the buttons status :slight_smile: