Issues with Javascript Course

I am currently having issues with the Javascript course. I came back to the role playing game assignment and I was supposed to be left off on step 20, but instead I discovered it skipped over 20/21/22 and automatically completed all of 23-32. In addition, I’m trying to start on step 20 anyways, but the whole style sheet file is gone from the menu bar (styles.css). So all the css visuals are gone, and it wont let me submit my answer for step 20 to move on. Please let me know if anyone can help. Thank you!

Welcome there :wave:

There have been many changes to that project in the curriculum, and we recently deployed changes. Some of those changes include re-ordering steps, deleting steps, and inserting new steps. So, if it looks like you have gaps in your progress, that would explain it.

I cannot think why it will not let you submit an answer for step 20. Your best bet to debug is probably to look in both the editor Console, and the browser dev tools for more information.

Ok I figured out the reason I couldn’t complete step 20 is because I already submitted it. Is possible able to reset my progress on that assignment to step 19? Because it also says i completed steps 23-32 and I never did those ones yet.

Sorry, nevermind. I realized the steps were just re-ordered, so I did complete them, they just added new steps before them so it was confusing. Thank you!