Issues with jQuery

Issues with jQuery
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I’m fairly new at coding, so I’m not sure how to explain this problem properly. I’m in the ‘jQuery’ section of the course, and though the idea is fairly simple, I can’t see any of the animations being added to the project. I can pass the steps, but without a visual it seems pointless.
I’ve switched between Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, and none of them work. I found this link to a list of animations ( and everything on the page works fine.
Any idea what the problem could be?
Thanks for any help!


My only thought would be wondering if you are running any addons/plugins that might be preventing them.

IMO it is not that important since jQuery is a pretty short section, so if I were you I’d probably just move along after passing the tests. The major point they are trying to get across in the section is basic DOM interaction (how to select elements, change them, etc). If you really would like to see the effects, you can set up the code in a local environment.

In many cases, you will not need jQuery for projects and it will likely be faster to add an animation library like animate.css without using jQuery anyways.

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Honestly the first time I did the Jquery part I did not understand it. The animations made confusing the object manipulation they were trying to teach. It seemed to me (at the time) that jquery was used to animate the targeted element instead of giving access to a ‘hidden’ css class.

It is probably down to your browser/plugins or even the page missbehaving. If it passes and you understand what you are doing, you shouldn’t worry much about it. It is a fairly short section and you will be expected to read further into jQuery on your own afterwards.