Issues with landing page. Help

Please help. I do not know what to do next. There an issue with my nav-link and navbar that I don’t know how to fix.
Also, I do not understand why the last section will not form 3 columns but just 1. I tried centering the video but it won’t work. how should I do it?

Thank you for taking the time.

You have many issue and most of them are very minor bugs.

  1. There are too many nested div which are only making it more messy always keep it simple.

  2. Too many media queries . You don’t even need media queries for this.Since there is a rule to use one media queries you should just use one.

  3. The navbar issue was that you have to make it sticky so that when you scroll it stays in the top.

  4. The Last 3 columns problem was that you closed the flex div right after h2 which was causing the issue that’s why you should not use too many divs.

Since there are many issues i forked your project and fixed all the issues and you can take a look at :point_right: Here

thank you so much. I definitely went overboard with the divs

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sure.Always keep it simple . If you get stuck again with any issues you can post again here or inbox me directly :+1:

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