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I’m having some issues with the provided unit tests in the Arithmetic Formatter challenge.

When run individually, each test in the default works fine. But when run altogether (as the starter code is set up to do), several of them fail. Output from the console shows that some tests are re-using the parameters from previous tests as well, causing an issue with the output.

For example, here is one unit test that should be using the parameters [‘1 + 2’, ‘1 - 9380’], but for some reason inputs from the first unit test are mixed in ([‘3801 - 2’, ‘123 + 49’]):

Would anyone have some insights into why this might be causing so many issues? Again, commenting out the interfering tests means that I can get each to work on their own, which is super odd.

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Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

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Notice where is declared arranged_problems. Using global variables can result in unexpected side effects. This is a case here, function during one of the tests modifies that variable, which is later used by next test, resulting in seemingly having two test cases glued together.


That is super insightful, thank you so much! Your explanation makes sense, I had a gap in my understanding of the global variable, I didn’t even think of that becoming an issue. With a quick fix, I was able to get all tests to pass.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:


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