Issues with signing in

I’m having an issue with signing into the forum. I already have an account and have been working on the core curriculum. But when I visit the forums page it doesn’t let me sign into my current account. It says there is no association with the email I try signing in with. And yet it let me make a whole new account with the same email I already have with freecodecamp. Thoughts? Any way I can merge the two?

Hello there.
Have you verified your email account?

I believe so. Been using it for a while now. But if I didn’t, would that be the issue?

I found this post, I think it will help resolve your issue. If it does not, let me know for further assistance.

the forum account is a different account than your freecodecamp learn account, so it will asks you to create a new account for the forum. Does this explain what happened?


Yes that must be it then, thanks for the help! :raised_hands:t2: