Issues with task#23 - Quality assurance & testing with Chai

Hi everybody, I’m having issues with challenge #3, simulating actions using a headless browser. Here’s my Replit code. Console is still showing same error:

Error: Server returned status code 502 from

Any chance from someone who struggled with this issue? Many thanks for your help.

You are not following the code convention shown in the example code and your done() call is not in the right place. You should also add the timeout back.

However, you may still run into 502 and there is really nothing you can do about it because it’s just Replit being weird. But it should eventually pass if you try a few times (after you fix the code that is).

That was actually a final try after so many changes due to this 502 error.
I’m going to get back to my initial version and take my chance with Replit.

Thanks for your answer.

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