Issues with the weather app loading on Safari

I am having an issue with my weather app. It works fine on Chrome and on Safari on my phone, however it doesn’t load the information on my computer’s Safari. I tried using the console on Safari to see if I am getting any errors, but nothing comes up.
Thank you in advance for looking.
Any other feedback is appreciated too.
I also noticed that the FCC API doesn’t seem to pull up the most accurate locations, so I am considering switching to a different api at some point.

It works for me (but I’m on Windows Chrome).

It’s of course nearly impossible for us to diagnose a problem you’re having on your specific computer. I would recommend putting in console.log statements to find out exactly where the problem is. I’ve had to do that before where I put them every other line so I can trace exactly where things go wrong. There are other ways to do that, but this is straight forward.

If I had to guess, it’s because your browser isn’t letting it get location data or is having a problem with the AJAX calls.

Thank you so much for checking it out! I am going to try the console.log() method now

Cool, it really is a invaluable tool.

And just to be clear, Codependency also has a console, but it isn’t as good.

Also, I don’t know Safari, but in their devoloper tools (probably the same pane as the console) the is probably a network tab that will let you see the status returned by your ajax calls.