Issues with undeclared code showing up

I’ve come across something really weird that never happened to me before- I was editing my code and adding some images to the links and I realised that when I inspect an element there is a piece of code that I haven’t specifically declared and I have no idea how to remove it (pics below).

Obviously as a consequence of that declaration the icon doesn’t show. Here is the pen:

I’m completely flabbergasted, I don’t even know how to google the solution for this. Has anyone come across something like that and is this a common thing to happen? And obviously how to go around it without using a different image altogether?

Hello there @kriszte :wave:,

These type of things can happen if you have extensions that modifies some HTML elements in a website. This can also happen if you have a JavaScript file that adds a styling property to the img element. Can you maybe share us a link to the codepen so I could troubleshoot it further, thanks.

Hope this helps,
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Ah, sorry sorry, completely forgot to add it:


The button renders on my end. :slight_smile:

So would that mean it has something to do with different browsers? Could I somehow ensure it shows on all the browsers then? Maybe declare my own !important to override it?

My guess is that like @Catalactics said, you’ve got a browser extension (like Ad Block?) that’s disabling that element.


Ah yesyesyes, I do have an adblock extension :sweat_smile: I’ll just change the image so no adblock reacts to it… :thinking: