Issues with understanding function's if statement

Hello, I’m kind of getting how to solve this challenge but I wanted to take a step back and really understand what’s happening.

Can someone please explain why the function won’t return the recordCollection with the albumTitle set to 13 instead of 12 as stated in the if statement even though the if statement is true? I’m pretty sure the issue is with the condition (alb === 12) but why?

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const  recordCollection = {
2548: {
  albumTitle: 12

function testEqual(record, id, alb) {
if (alb === 12) {
  record[id][alb]= value
return record

console.log(testEqual(recordCollection, 2548, "albumTitle", 13))
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Challenge: Record Collection

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Update: I noticed that I didnt have a value parameter so I just updated it to have one but it still has the same issue and nothing changed

It looks like you drastically changed the code you were given. I would reset the lesson because you have made changes that make it impossible for your code to work.

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