It feels good when companies like your portfolio!

So I’ve been looking around for a few months and weeks now and applying for lots of stuff. Having asked around I managed to get a referral into google for an instructional learning designer but did not hear back yet.

Keeping the head up I got an interview for a web accessibility specialist and interview was scheduled. Unfortunately the company needed to reallocate resources so that’s been moved to later in the year (if it ever happens).

Again, keeping the head up I applied to a smaller development company.

And they liked my CV/portfolio!!! (Thank you FCC!).

The next day a mail came in - “please attempt these technical tests” … yay! … but then I realised I needed to use angular… uh oh … it’s been a while …

Head in the books and I worked out what to do and built this as per the requirements.

I was pretty bloody proud of myself! We’ll see how we get on. Even to get a technical interview would be really good experience!

What i’m saying is guys, never EVER give up.


Yay! Good luck on this, man!

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Cheers buddy! I appreciate it

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Congratulations! Best of luck on your job hunt. Even if these companies don’t all make you offers, it’s obvious that you’re doing something right.

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Unfortunately I got the “it’s not us, it’s you” email today from the company. Meh. Onwards and upwards! :grin:

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Do you mind sharing the “technical tests” that they asked you to complete?

Thanks for sharing. Its exciting when one read posts like this. Good luck!