It is difficult to read the code

hi there

Reading the forums makes it difficult to read someone else’s code.
The code is the outcome of thought and the way people think differently
It is hard to follow.

Is it difficult for me?:sweat_smile:

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Every time someone asks something similar, I always remember this gem from xkcd.

It’s sad, but unfortunately true


You’re right. Reading other people’s code is hard. In professional setting, we make special efforts to offset that. We have (sometimes arbitrary) coding standards. We do code reviews. We do trainings together. We have communities of practice. We comment our code.


Sad, but true.
Thanks !

I don’t advocate writing bad code, but let me say this., your ability to think through complex problems will increase significantly if you practice reading bad code. It exercises your ability to think abstract. I highly recommend anyone on this site to read as much bad code as possible.