It is necessary to host project on codpen or github

I recently made my first HTML and CSS project. and upload on the forum for some suggestions but no one can see the project because it located on local serval, So it’s necessary to host the project on Codpen or GitHub. So everyone can see my project.

@Shailesh Correct. Many people upload their projects to Github and Codepen. If you upload it to Github you should turn into a Github Page so that it will be easily viewable.

There are also other websites to host your project such as:

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It is necessary to host your project on any server for like in CodePen or GitHub or any.
but you have to, If you don’t want to share your project in the forum but even for freeCodeCamp submission at least you should make you page online.

Hope this make you understand.

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From the FAQ:

Do I have to use CodePen for the front end projects?

As long as your code is publicly viewable, and you have a live demo, you can use whatever you want.

You can use GitHub pages or as alternatives to CodePen.