It is not automatically going to test completed it showing test completed but it is not responding

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var tulasi = "tulasi";
var jayaprakash = "jayaprakash";

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Challenge: Declare String Variables

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You have changed the name of the variables. Those should not change.

The instructions are:> Create two new string variables: myFirstName and myLastName and assign them the values of your first and last name, respectively.

So, the variables need to be called “myFirstName” and “myLastName”.

For example, if I was supposed to create a variable called “myFavoriteFood”, I would have:

var myFavoriteFood = "pizza";

On the left is the variable name and on the right is the value I want to store in it.

Does that makes sense? Now you need to do the same for “myFirstName” and “myLastName”.

Let us know if that is not enough help.