It is possible to finish FCC in 3 months?


@jamesperrin You’re right.


All your projects are rad, I’m sure you will have a job soon enough. What’s your background? It’s pretty clear you didn’t start coding 22 days ago.


I have started my path in july 20 and now I am about to start first back end project. Technically it’s very possible to finish all this stuff in 3 month. I think it depends on you background, discipline, and the way of how do you learn(is it efficient or not).I was not so serious about it initially, was spending a lot of time procrastinating + I am going through online bootcamp.

So as advice - work on you discipline, choose correct learning resources(don’t waste your time on crap - carefully read reviews)


Thank you! I probably should have mentioned I’ve been trying to learn all this stuff haphazardly on my own since around January(?) and started thinking about pursuing it professionally back in summer. But FreeCodeCamp has been invaluable-- my old code is so gross. If I would’ve known about the site sooner I would have signed up right away.

As for my background, though, I have a degree in audio production, and pursued painting before switching to that.


Your question is not quite clear so people can only give you some advise but might not be able to answer it thoroughly.
Please, note that all current training in FCC is about JavaScript with additional DB in back end so when mentioned about finish JavaScript in 3 wks, does it mean you about to claim “Front End Development Certificate” or “Back End Development Certificate” or just simply almost finish Basic JavaScript? Even if you’re about to claim the cert, do you have passion for coding? If yes, you don’t need to finish FCC to impress your mom. If just about finishing Basic JavaScript, it might be quite long for you since it only took me 3 days with average 2 or 3 hrs a day to finish that Basic JavaScript and all my team mates were able to complete it within a week for all HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Basic JavaScript and that’s why our team of 2 can complete a mobile app using Java, XML, PHP and MySQL in 24 hrs which rated 1 of top 5 in Hackathon competition, even we never created any mobile app before and we just finished PHP/MySQL class last semester and still in middle of Java class. Don’t feel bad though since it seems you never really took any programming before while we major in Computer Science/Web Development so we either already taken or currently taking a lot of coding courses including C++, C#, Python, Java, PHP/MySQL beyond HTML/CSS.
In short, if you have passion for coding, go for it. if not, it would be a regret to change a major again later on. Good luck.


Hey, sorry that I talked too much but didn’t input the main idea. Put it this way, HTML/CSS is elementary school, Basic JavaScript is beginning of middle school, but server/app scripting or object oriented coding is really college level, so it’s way too easy for you to go over HTML/CSS and Basic JavaScript and you might think that this major so easy so you should switch but by the time you really get into level 3000+ and 4000+ in third and final year, it might not really easy as you think. For example, 1 of my final is to create a web app in 3 hrs (timing) with database auto created when the app run first time. It’s very simple app to add, delete, edit student profile including name, email, and picture with requirement that when a student name is removed, everything related to that student is also removed, able to add, delete and edit multiple student at same time, able to add student picture in DB, require regex for email and session for edit… since it’s web app, the look will count so if no CSS, 10% points off, codes not align properly, points off, no comments, points off… when mentioned timing, I meant the computer will freeze up when time is up… it’s open book, open notes, open internet so you’re free to search but you just waste time to do so since it’s full page of description for a very simple app so it’s very specific requirements that you can not really find anywhere… or another final exam which required to code for 5 (again) small programs in 2 hrs, which ended up that most people can only finish 1, couple finish 2 and if you able to finish 3, you’re already popular in school and if you’re able to finish all 5 like me, everyone in school from student, professors, office staffs and even janitors will know your name…
In short, don’t get me wrong since I believe you can make it if you study really hard but unless you really have passion for coding, think twice carefully before making final decision on major since I’ve already seen a lot of my friends suddenly just disappear after second and especially third year… Good luck


My 2 cents is this: I wouldn’t try to rush through FCC. It’s good to see that you have the motivation and discipline to follow through and stick with the lesson plan. That is the hardest part of learning on your own. Anyway, you’re not going to become an amazing (hell, even a good developer) in 3 months either, so the main thing should be to continue to develop that consistency of completing the challenges/modules/whatever you want to call them and most important of all, diversify where you study! I use this place and CodeAcademy and it helps a lot.

Hope this helps and happy coding! :grin:


If you have the opportunity to go to college, I wouldn’t lightly dismiss that opportunity. Yes, you can learn Web Development in a reasonably short time, and even be good at it, but you would end up in a far better position (and no I’m not talking about “having a degree” turning the tide) if you complete your formal education. If you have the chance to go to college, it’d be a far wiser choice to lobby to switch your major to computer science, data science, mathematics, or any of the sciences because what you learn will be invaluable. You learn how to think about and discuss complex technical ideas. You learn communication skills that will enhance your ability to work with others for the rest of your life. You learn history, and context, and how you fit in as a citizen of the world.

Came here to say that I’m 110% supporting @P1xt on this one. I majored in Biochemistry and Psychology in college, and I’ve rarely used the textbook knowledge I gained in my classes. They also don’t benefit me greatly when it comes to coding. But, my 4 years in college gave me emotional intelligence, maturity, critical thinking skills and the ability to teach myself things (both of which are EXTREMELY important in programming!), leadership skills, teamwork skills, the ability to speak and write and debate articulately, and the ability to be a global citizen and engage with the world.

Yes, all of these can be gained on the job–but college gives you the opportunities to make reasonable mistakes without really any serious consequences, and to explore other interests that you probably don’t have the time to explore once you’re in the real world.

If anything, college might be a good opportunity to get whichever degree you desire, but work as an intern for a web development company 10 or 20 hours a week on the side. Or, spend those hours instead building your own cool thing. Or, do both! You’ll come out of college a more well-rounded, mature person, a degree, and lots of web development experience. :slight_smile:

(On a related note, if you do choose to keep going on the college route, please don’t just study all the time. Make friends, try things you wouldn’t ordinarily try, explore outside the confines of your computer and desk!)


Everything @bethqiang mentioned is spot on. College should be a time of trying out new ideas and falling on your face a lot. That way you’re not doing that as often out in the real world where there is some consequences which can set you back.

Also, do hit up the college scene as often as appropriate. You’ll make worthwhile connections which would be difficult without the experience.


Just a friendly notice, this thread is over a year old but was brought up accidentally by a new user. Obviously, the 3 months are past, just thought I would let you know before anyone else tries to hop in with advice. I can’t seem to hide the posts that brought it up, so I’ll leave this message.


I dont get the comments here, just asking to understand …Why does it take that long to complete? Im on day 2 and I think soon Ill finish javascript;(Finished html css jquery bootstrap etc in one day) but the personal page project I had it ready before so it was easy to submit…Also I have no programming experience before this 2 weeks…(I studied chemistry tho I dont think its related at all.) You guys are scaring me =) I must be doing something wrong. Im getting slower by the minute but no way it would take someone months for the front end certificate unless maybe someone had no time and lacked college degree mathematical thinking…


The initial question was about completing all of FCC in 3 months, back when that included 2 greenfield and 2 legacy projects.

Also, everyone works at different speeds. If you think you can complete the front end quickly, great. Please try to avoid belittling the efforts of others by suggesting it should come easy to them, though.


It takes most people many months. Have you looked at the projects that are required? Some of those will take you 50+ hours each if you do them properly (without copying someone else’s code, following all user stories and doing them well). There’s a general rule that you can do certain things fast or well but not both. Keep in mind that the majority of us have school or a job (and a life). Maybe you’re the outlier.:wink:


Would be cool to know how this story ended


And how much would you learn?


No you are right Soupe! Im not working now so I spent those two days I mean 6-7 hours each day at least so maybe thats why =) I also dont have a life now either because I just moved to Sweden so dont socialize frequently yet; oh well ! I cant pay for college here its so expensive; have to catch up and compete with people who do so have no choice but spend more time on it these next few years… Hopefully with help of way more experienced coders like you =)


Also saw the top posts, no way guys Im sorry to have sounded condescending, I was just curious and to be honest I never think Im better than any others, Im just a rookie who got scared by the comments of hard it is =)