It is possible to get a job with just front-end of freeCodeCamp?

i really like the front end, but i hate the back end, is it possible to get a job just with the free code camp front end tutorials?

  • HTML5, CSS3 and responsive web design

  • JavaScript and EcmaScript 6

  • React, redux, bootstrap, Jquery and Sass

Is it possible to find a diamond by digging one hole? Sure. But your odds increase as you dig more holes.

Looking at what you list there, yeah, that’s employable. But it’s always very difficult to get that first job. But yeah, with some hard work, great portfolio, and a lot of luck, yep, you could eventually land a job. There are entry level positions out there for that skill set.

But don’t ask “what’s good enough”. Keep learning. Learn some backend. Build more projects, learn new libraries, keep building.


I would also differentiate between “hating backend” and “not knowing backend”.
It’s aweful to work with frontend devs who don’t know how a backend works.

I mean that’s the assets of a company - the data.
So knowing where data lives, how it gets stored, maintained etc. is important.


Yeah, I missed the “hate the back end” comment. If I’d caught that I would have commented that it’s increasingly difficult to get a frontend job without having at least a rudimentary understanding of how the backend works. I always like to say that I didn’t really understand APIs until I built some.

The true test of someone’s commitment to intellectual development is their willingness to learn the things that don’t interest them. You don’t have to become an expert - just learn the basics. Also, as you get into it and get more comfortable with it, you might find that it can be interesting in its own way. Or maybe not - but it will make you a better front end developer.