It really is possible

Congratulations @danthony13! As a fellow FCC member I’m elated to read this! I think the best advice that you have given is this, “Apply as early as possible. Don’t get caught up in worrying about being good enough. Don’t self assess yourself out of the race.”

grats! reading about your story is very motivating and reassuring me through these very overwhelming and anxious first months of learning. Thank you for sharing with us! Hopefully I will do the same next year : ) (or before ?! who knows!)

I will take you advice at heart ! I wish you the best of futures in your new career : )

Great job! very nice advice

@danthony13, Congratulations! Hapy to hear a succes story from freecodecampers as I am. And I was asking my self, did you have your portfolio in a specific page so thart recruiters could se your portfolio? or how did you managed that part? Thank you in advance!

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Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing

Congrats, @danthony13! As a person new to FCC and to coding, it’s great to hear about positive results. One day, I hope to turn my FCC experience into a job, or a cool website at the very least.
Thanks for sharing!

Congrats and thanks for sharing:)