It seems like my codepen isn't running bootstrap javascript

Specifically the Bootstrap 3 JS. I have added then via quickadd, I made sure they were the version 3 ones not 4. But I have tried like three different things that should be using javascript I think, the collapse navbar and scrollspy to be exact. the js files show being loaded under sources in chrome.

How can i find out if I just suck at writing my code, although I did copy to test, or if something is wrong.
Here is my pen I am having issues with

Is there a reason you’re running BS3, and not BS4? I forked your pen and checked your settings. They seem right to me (also a non-Web dev transitioning). My non-beta portfolio page implemented scrollspy behavior with BS4. Then I found out about the beta for FCC at a meetup. Despite what I felt would be “lost effort” it was the best decision I made here: I hand-wrote vanilla CSS so many times I can avoid typos and bugs in my own code. I kinda let my nascent Bootstrap knowledge rust a bit, so I can’t debug your code for you, but feel free to look at my project to see what you might be doing wrong.

EDIT: Figured out your problem. I remember that BS4 needed popper.js to work for me. The browser console confirmed this error. I know this wasn’t the case for BS3, but then I remembered that even after I added popper.min.js to the codepen, I was getting the same console errors. I hadn’t dragged the includes into the correct order using the little “hamburger-esque” handles to the left of the include URLs. Make yours look like this (jquery before bootstrap), and you should be fine. {Source: I did it on your fork, and scrollspy works. Us evolving dinosaurs don’t write sucky code - we just make syntax errors}: