It telling me that I am not using "const". I am though, pls help

const FCC = “Free code camp”; // Change this line

let fact = “is cool!”; // Change this line

fact = “is awesome!”;

console.log(FCC, fact); // Change this line

please do not forget to link the challenge you are doing, otherwise we are unable to know what are the requirements

I think this is the ‘Declaring variables with the constant keyword’ course.
Make sure you don’t modify the string within quotes. Within the quotes it is supposed to be as it was - “freeCodeCamp” and not “Free code camp”as you modified it. The test is asking you to just add the const keyword (which you have already done), not modify the string!

It didn’t work. And it’s not the ‘Declaring variables with the constant keyword’ course.

It’s this course.

It is this challenge

… The one about using the const keyword

What is your new code where you fixed the contents of the string?

I think you’ve changed also the const value.
It’s supposed to be "freeCodeCamp". Try reverting to that and see if you pass.

Thanks it worked I didn’t notice the spaces.

sorry @skamat

Thanks Everyone! :slight_smile:

I appreciate it.

Yes. I meant in this course there is a challenge ‘Declaring read-only variables with the constqnt keyword’.

I meant the same thing - spaces between the words is the issue

ok . :slight_smile:
thank you very mutch.

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