It was fun to create it

I completed my second project.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: click the submit button.
Please, give me a feedback.


it’s really cool to your second project just try to import and use fonts and some more design properties.

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thanks for your suggestion.

Yeah, not bad. It has some real potential to be even better though.

First let me ask, are you trying to complete the projects according to the user stories? Because if so, there are some requirements you aren’t hitting (you passed 6 out of 17).

I noticed you put your min and max in the Birthday section when it needs to be in the Age section.

When viewing on my phone, the page isn’t centered. Add some responsiveness for that.

It would be helpful is there was a clearer distinction between the radio buttons and the checkboxes. Also, some of the name=“movie” is missing the “equal =“ sign.

Your text box gets cut off on the right.

You could style your button up a bit.

I hope those are some helpful suggestions (:

thanks for your suggesion. I’ll try it.

I got 17/17. thanks for your advice.

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