It would be better if redoing exercises would count towards coding streaks

I think that often it’s not enough to get through a tutorial exercise or test just once, often it’s better to return to it a few or several times to avoid the “progress and forget” effect.

fCC penalizes this approach by giving points and counting coding streaks only for moving. I actually have started JS course after doing about 85% of it in 2018-2019. I didn’t remember anything and basically had to do everything fresh but it still didn’t count towards coding streaks and amount of coding done per day.

Now I’m often returning to tutorials and re-doing them to memorize the syntax and the concepts but it doesn’t show on my profile.
I think it would be much better if it did since it rewards the right thing to do.

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Coding is not about memorization. I recommend people continue forward and work on new things instead of repeating old things again and again.


Thank you for bringing up this feature.

We are definitely open to trying to improve the gamification of the platform if it helps Campers with motivation.

I have opened a feature request on GitHub for further discussion: platform gamification for motivation · Issue #52210 · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

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That’s something I have been wondering about too. So, would you say the best thing to do is to move onto a new course on the main syllabus even if it’s in a different programming language?

I had been considering doing the Responsive Web Development course again. Do you think the best thing to do is to move into Javascript?

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JavaScript is a hard thing to learn if it’s your first programming language. Honestly, I’d give it a go and ask lots of questions!


Even if you start JS you can still practice coding in HTML and create your own projects at the same time.


Sounds like pure wishful thinking. What is the point of working on new things if one isn’t gaining knowledge and skills? How exactly is one supposed to code if one doesn’t know concepts and syntax?

Learning codeing is certainly about acquiring new knowledge and skills. Memorization is a poor way to gain coding knowledge and skills. Repeating the same content again and again doesn’t really give you new knowledge and skills. I totally get that attempting to memorize everything so you can attempt to autonomically replicate syntax feels really tempting, but professional software development has you constantly operating in a state of novelty where you are writing code you haven’t done before,

Do whatever works for you and makes the learning fun for you, but I don’t think we should encourage lots of repeating old content with our gamification system.

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That’s self-contradictory. Gaining new knowledge and skills is memorization. Otherwise one doesn’t have that knowledge and skills, but merely has encountered them.
Constantly encountering new knowledge and skills is pointless when one quickly forgets them and thus is unable to apply them.
People going through curriculum once and then realizing that they haven’t learned anything is a known phenomena.

I can do record collection challenge (as in creating the code anew every time) without checking out any reference because I have repeated objects and arrays and I gained competency in basic manipulation of objects and arrays and stuff like lookup.

I can’t do lookup challenge without re-doing the iteration and recursion because I haven’t spent enough times repeating these to actually gain skills in it because I have only done it once.

So, how exactly would you write code you haven’t done before without knowing basic building blocks and principles since memorizing them would be bad?

Do what you prefer. I’m just giving my recommendations from my experience as an educator and programmer.

I personally have seen a focus on memorization and repeating content too much slow learning. But you should do what you find best for you.

Memorization is not the same thing as knowing. Reference books exist so that we don’t have to memorize everything.

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