Items top up of my navbar in media query

Hello everyone, I need help resolving an issue. In my navigation bar, I don’t want my items to appear at the top when using a media query. I suspect the issue is related to the relative position. but I want my pictures to remain sticky to my product card.
this my problem code

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:balloon:Hello! Welcome to the forum!

You are welcome to have a look at my codepen for a Responsive navbar and try different settings to acheive your desired result.

To get the navbar working the way you want it to, focus on that by removing the styles for everything except the navbar. You could do this in codepen with a new pen and just copy in the html. Then you can focus on styling the navbar.

Once the navbar works the way you want it to, then you can start looking at the other issues.

Does this help?
Keep up the good progress!

Happy Coding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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The issue was my navbar at the first i didn’t give it a bigger z-index
And thank you for your respond :heart:


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