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I spent a good over an hour on this problem and don’t have any idea how to solve it. I kind of have an idea in my mind of how to iterate through all permutations of an anagram, but in practice it doesn’t work.

I’ve looked at many solutions online of iterating permuations of anagrams and none make any sense to me so can’t modify them for this.

any hints

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function permAlone(str) {
var num=0;
var cur;
for(var x=0; x<str.length; x++){
  for(var y=1; y<str.length; y++){
cur = str.replace(/./g, (c, i) => i == x+y? str.charAt(x): c)
cur = str.replace(/./g, (c, i) => i == x? str.charAt(x+y): c)

  if(cur.charAt(x+y)!=str.charAt(x+y-1)) num++;

return num;

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Challenge: No Repeats Please

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I might be wrong, but wouldn’t it be better, if you found a way to calculate these numbers without actually creating the actual strings?
Also the challenge doesn’t include any anagrams.

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basically ignore the actual letters just know the possible number permutations without iterating through them

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