Iterating over objects

Iterating over objects. - using Objects.keys()
Can someone please explain what iterating over objects mean? It’s confusing for me. Any tip will help.

const someObject = { name: "Pollo", sound: "Pock pock" };

const keysOfSomeObject = Object.keys(someObject);

for (const key of keysOfSomeObject) {
  const value = someObject[key];

  console.log(key, value);

To iterate over an object or array means you are going through each item in that collection.

Object.keys will create an array of the all of the keys in your someObject

The result would be the following


Then in your for...of loop, you are iteratiing through the array.
So you are going through each element here


For each element, you are getting the value for that associated key and logging it out to the console

hope that helps