It's all about bootstrap

How is everyone here. Hope you are cool.
I would like to know whether is there anything bootsrap does which plain css can’t do.

Thanks verilly

I believe evrything can be done in plain css except that bootstrap is a tool that let’s you do things faster that you need.

Let me show you:
This… is bootstrap.css
As you can see, it is a CSS file.

You can do anything Bootstrap does using CSS, but as the name implies, Bootstrap let’s you bootstrap (get the initial part done) your project faster and uniformly.

Bootstrap is a library written in CSS. It has some JS add-ons (a carousel for example), so those can’t be done in pure CSS. But your missing the point of libraries a little bit: you use them so that you don’t have to write all that CSS yourself.

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There are a few things like Modal, Scroll Spy, Carousel that is not pure CSS. They require javacript for the designed interactivity.

Theoretically, you can do everything in bootstrap yourself, bootstrap or Bulma are really there for developers to quickly prototype a decent looking UI without getting bogged down by design.

In production, or in a heavily design driven app, you may find customizing an existing framework sometimes more cumbersome than just writing pure css, but a lot of time that is someone else’s job entirely